Raised in the Soviet Union, Kahn earned her bachelor’s degree in hospitality tourism and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) before permanently landing in the United States to launch a multifaceted career.

Upon arriving in California, Kahn continued her education through architectural engineering courses and was inspired to pursue a role in the world of real estate. With an admiration and appreciation for the artistry of buildings and spaces, Kahn built her own real estate company and cultivated a passion for remodeling homes with classic pieces, neutral color palettes, and touches of timeless sophistication. She loves creating spaces that are warm, inviting, and comfortable.  

In addition to real estate and design, Kahn is also a dedicated animal advocate. She has worked closely with the California Wildlife Center, participating in fundraisers to protect, rescue, and rehabilitate sick, injured, or orphaned animals. She is also a Peninsula Humane Society & SPCABoard Member, assisting in the organization’s events and fundraisers to help find homes for animals in need of loving caretakers. Kahn also supports the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s Rhino Rescue Center, which is helping to bring the species back from the brink of extinction through new reproductive technologies and innovations.

Kahn believes a healthy lifestyle is the core of a full, meaningful life, and that every person deserves access to the tools and resources necessary to look and feel their best. That philosophy has motivated her to launch her new women’s lifestyle blog, providing exclusive insights and tips on everything from nutrition and fitness to fashion, travel, and design. Kahn hopes to empower her readers with the knowledge and confidence to live their best lives and achieve their dreams.